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Poland, Slaskie, Katowice

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40 m2
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La lengua hablada: english, polish, deutsch
Ocupación: Comerciales y financieros
Miembros de la familia: 2
País: Poland
Región: Slaskie
Localidad: Katowice

Apartment is located in Katowice-Nikiszowiec, near the bus station. The building is from the 1980s and is well maintained. The apartment is on the 4th floor, consists of 2 rooms, one kitchen, bathroom with shower and the hall. It is in the south of Poland in the historical region called Silesia.There are both modern and old buildings in Katowice. Katowice was the center of the coal mining and metallurgy.
In Nikiszowiec district one can also visit the Tourist Information Point, hosted by the Museum of Katowice History offering a lot of free promotion materials, tourist maps as well as a shop selling books and publications relating to history and culture of the Nikiszowiec housing estate in Katowice. On the spot it is also possible to listen to a free audio guide during the tour of Nikiszowiec. Brick town, old and historic architecture, but few cafés and restaurants. Beautiful historic church.
You can visit also National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio.This is a new concert hall with excellent acoustic. There are plenty concerts with famous musicians.
Guitar History Museum Guitar History Museum is a very unique, really magic place created out of a real passion for guitar and playing! You can feel this love for music inside. Do not forget to insist on your guide to play for you!
It is worth mention Valley of Three Ponds, 4 km from apartment. You can make a long walk in natural surrondings or just sit down on the grass and relax. Nice lake vie, pet friendly, nice picnic area. Worth to spend a couple of hours when the weather is nice.One of the peaceful places in Katowice.

Szczyrk is quite famous Silesia ski resort. All ski resorts in summer time transform to hiking resorts. Szczyrk is situated in the Beskids mountains - 2 hours from Katowice.

Auschwitz-Birkenau (1941 - 1945) was the largest of Nazi Germany's concentration camps. Located in German-occupied southern Poland, it took its name from the nearby town of Oświęcim, situated within the range of about 25 kilometers from Katowice. Most of the dead were killed in gas chambers using Zyklon B; other deaths were caused by systematic starvation, forced labor, lack of disease control, individual executions, and the so-called medical experiments. It gives you an opportunity to learn about holocaust and see one of the most terrifying but also touching places in the World

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  • cocina
  • frigorífico
  • lavadora
  • lavavajillas
  • microondas
  • TV / por cable

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  • aparcamiento
  • bicicletas

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  • ciclismo de montaña
  • club de acondicionamiento físico
  • equitación
  • esquí
  • galerías / museos
  • ir de marcha
  • natación
  • pesca con caña
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